TryMyApps Released the Third Lucky Round!

TryMyApps Released Third Lucky RoundTryMyApps released its third lucky round to offer people the chance to make money by inviting friends to sign up as TryMyApps user with referral code. People can get huge bonus up to $100 in this event.

Event Duration: 19/April/2016 to 19/May/2016 (GMT+8 time zone)

Participate in this event to win bonus, you need to do:

  • Write posts or articles that introduces how you make money using TryMyApps;
  • Like and share our TryMyApps Facebook Page;
  • Comment our Event post with your referral code and your posts/articles links.
  • Your friends must sign up with your referral code and complete our app tasks.

NOTE: We will manually verify all your invites. If there is any invalid invitation or fraud invitation, you will be disqualified. During our Event timeframe, the more valid friends you invite, the more bonus you get.

  • 20-29 people——$10 bonus;
  • 30-39 people——$15 bonus;
  • 40-49 people——$20 bonus;
  • 50-59 people——$30 bonus;
  • 60-69 people——$36 bonus;
  • 70-79 people——$42 bonus;
  • 80-89 people——$56 bonus;
  • 90-99 people——$72 bonus;
  • over 100 people—–$100 bonus;

If you are doing extraordinary in this Event, besides $100, we will give you extra bonus.


  • We will announce the winners on 2016/5/23.
  • Participants please remember to leave us with your “Referral Code” and “Post/articles links”.
  • Users not lucky in the Second Round will have chances to win in the future Events.