TryMyApps Increases Reward for Each iOS Task to $0.3

TryMyApps increases reward for each task for the iOS app users, so people can make more money with the TryMyApps iOS app. In addition to the increased reward for each task, there are some new features about TryMyApps rewards. Now, read the following to learn details.

TryMyApps increased reward to $0.3/task to reward our high quality app users and attract more people to join us. After increasing the reward, there are many app users sending us feedback about it. Some people said our price is very good and it is a good chance to make easy money quickly. Some app users showed us video about how he used three phones and operate together to make easy and fast money. Just less than one minutes, he can finish three tasks and earn $1.

TryMyApps Increases Reward for Each iOS Task to $0.3 - 1

The rewards of your TryMyApps invitation has been increased to $1.5. Based on $0.3/task, you can get 50% of the earnings of all your referrals’ first 10 tasks. For example, you can get $1.5 (0.15*10)/ referral. To earn more money, you just need to invite other people and encourage them to complete tasks.

TryMyApps Increases Reward for Each iOS Task to $0.3 - 2

The minimum payout of TryMyApps is still $1, after that you can withdraw $3 anytime via your Paypal account. It is very good for you to get real money directly. According to TryMyApps payment records and app users’ feedback, TryMyApps arranges payment timely. After that, TryMyApps will send emails to all app users for checking the payments. If there are any question, please let us know and we will solve them immediately.

As for real new app users at the first withdraw, we will arrange payment everyday for them. As we all know, TryMyApps pays app users on every Thursday together in generally. This time, we do this adjustment in order to attract more new app users. What kind of real new app users have this good opportunity? What’s the criterion of real new app users? Here are two standards:

  • You have to use new device to complete tasks
  • You have to use new Paypal account to withdraw money at the first time instead of binding with others

Compared to many other make money apps, TryMyApps is able to guarantee what you want and help you earn more extras. Money is here waiting for you. Come on and join us, you will get more rewards.