TryMyApps Increased the Reward for Each Fyber Offer

After releasing its new version, TryMyApps increased the reward for each Fyber offer recently, ensuring the Android users can earn more. From now on, for Android tasks from Fyber platform, the reward points have been increased to 4 times than before. That means you just need to complete one task and get 4 times points, which is much reasonable and easy to get more money.

TryMyApps Increased the Reward for Each Fyber Offer

At the same time, we release more offers for your claiming. After the news about cash out $2 anytime to Paypal account released last week, the feedback from Android app users is very good. Therefore, Android app users can make full use of these good conditions to make more money online.

Our dashboard shows that so many people complete tasks from Fyber platform and withdraw $2, $10, $32, $ 62 per day easily. Since it reward for Fyber offers are increased, you can make more per day. However, the time of this activity for Fyber platform is limited, please hurry up. Once you missed this chance, you have to do more other tasks to earn same points. Which way is good for you? I personally recommend this Fyber platform activity.

Do you want to test this activity? Do you prefer to make money online easily and cash out $$$ everyday? Just follow the following steps.

1: Use your mobile browser to visit, download TryMyApps and install it.

2: Claim offers from Fyber platform or other platforms. As long as you can get points, just claim it and complete it.

3: If your points meet the cash out requirements, you can redeem it to your Paypal account, Amazon, Alipay and so on. There are so many different cash out applications for your reference.

We will release more platforms and tasks to offer you more chances to make money. If you want to know more information about how to use TryMyApps Android app, please pay more attention to other post: TryMyApps Android app is released.