TryMyApps is available in Google Play Store

TryMyApps was launched in Google Play Store recently, which means you can search TryMyApps in Google Play Store directly instead of web browsing. Also, up to now, the app can’t be downloaded via our homepage.

Why do we launch TryMyApps in Google Play Store?

The purpose is to help people earn more money fast rather than wasting much time in unimportant thing. At the same time, There are some advantages of running in Google Play store. On the one side, it saves much time and traffic in the filed of searching and downloading. You will go to the interface of making money quickly. On the another hand, it is a great symbol that TryMyApps is an safe and free app, people can use it to make money risk-free and worry-free.

New features of TryMyApps in Google Play Store?

1. It runs fast and safely. Download it and install it via using a few seconds. It is very easy to make money.

2. Earn unlimited points easily. There are more offers, which means you can get more points easily. What’s more, The reward is higher than before. You will have much confidence to complete more offers and get more points to redeem more money quickly.


So, Please follow our steps to TryMyApps new address and make more money online through your android smart phone .

Steps to reach TryMyApps

1.Open your Google Play Store, type TryMyApps, then, you will find TryMyApps icon directly.

2.Install it. It runs so fast and does not wast your precious time for making money.


3.Open it and invite your friends to install it with your referral code, you will get free 100 points.

TryMyApps is available in Google Play Store 3

4.Complete tasks and you will get more points. When you meet the minimum pay 1200 points=$2, you can require to redeem it to your Paypal account any time. We will arrange payment after your requirement within 24 hours.

TryMyApps is available in Google Play Store 3

5.At the same time, if you share us to forums, You tube, Facebook, we will have extra rewards. As for the detail of rewards, please pay more attention to our TryMyApps Facebook or our blog. We will put forward it soon.