TryMyApps Android App is Released

Since the release of TryMyApps iOS version in June last year, the development has been continuous. At the beginning of this month, we released TryMyApps Android App, opening the door for Android users to make money with smart phones. We made some changes on Android version, providing more tasks and credits to reward users. It is totally different with iOS version. Welcome to TryMyApps Android version!

New features of TryMyApps Android app

  • Get reward right away after you first download and open TryMyApps.
  • TryMyApps Android Appprovides more offers for you.
  • We use points to reward users after they complete tasks. Points are used to redeem gift cards or Paypal cash.
  • TryMyApps Android Appprovides a wider variety of gift cards. Over 14 kinds of gift cards are supported.
  • You can withdraw money or redeem gift card everyday as long as you have enough points. We will handle withdrawal on weekdays.

How to use TryMyApps android app to make money?

1. Use your mobile browser to visit and download TryMyApps on your Android.
use TryMyApps android app to make money 1

2. Install TryMyApps and open it. You will receive 100 points right away when you first open TryMyApps.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 2

3. Enter an Invite Code to get another 100 points on SHARE page.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 3

4. Start earning points by selecting and downloading any of our free appson EARN page. Return to TryMyApps you will see a pop-up and get your reward points.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 4

5. Redeem your points for various gift cards, PayPal cash or Alipay cash.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 5

6. Share TryMyApps to your friends to get more points. You could share your Invite Code on social media websites, post on forums and try other ways to let your friends know it. The more friends you invite the more rewards you earn. You will get 100points from each friend you invited as your reward.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 6

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