How to Get Paid Apps for Free?

Thousands of apps are released on App Store and Google Play Store everyday, but some of those interesting and awesome apps are not for free, they need to be paid. Most people love paid apps because they are more excellent and ad-free, but they don’t want to spend too much money on them. Therefore, a lot of people are looking for the method to get paid apps for free.

In below, we have listed several efficient ways to get paid apps for free on your iOS or Android devices.

Get Paid Apps for Free from Apple Store

Apple Store usually introduce an app on its Featured page, where you can get a paid app for nothing. For example, you need to pay $4.99 to download this app named Day One 2 Diary + Journal + Notes in App Store. If you download it from Apple Store, you are asked to pay nothing for it.

get paid apps for free - 1

To access the Apple Store, use your iOS device to search and install Apple Store app.

get paid apps for free - 2

Open Apple Store and go to Featured page, you will find an app introduction when you slide your finger down on your screen.

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If you tap it, you will see the details of this app and find the offer expiration date at the bottom. Click the green “Download now for free” button to go to the next step.

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Click “Continue” and go to the App Store. You need to enter your iTunes account password.

get paid apps for free - 6

You have now got a free gift card in your iTunes account, which could be used to get this paid app for free. Click “Redeem” to start downloading this app automatically.

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Free app of the day website

AppGratis offers its users a new paid app for free everyday and ridiculous discounts of other apps. There is only one app a day, it is totally free to download. You can download its Android app from Google Play Store. If you are using iPhone or iPad devices, you can subscribe their website to receive the newsletter everyday from AppGratis.

Discounted apps

AppSales is another website which provides big discounts for wide range of android apps. You could also build a wishlist of apps that you want to buy. You will get notified when one of the apps in your list is on sale. AppSales also provides app price monitor, where you can see the history of all app price.

Download cracked Apps without Jailbreak

Many iPhone users use the jailbreaking system because they can download many paid apps for free. But it may make you lose more than you gain. As we all know, jailbreaking system is illegal in the world and will make your phone slow. Downloading cracked Apps is a way to get free apps without jailbreaking your iPhone. There are many sources for you to download cracked apps on the internet.

Get Paid Apps for Free from TryMyApps

The easiest and most beneficial way to get paid apps for free is to try apps from TryMyApps. TryMyApps provides new apps everyday, including paid and free apps. You will get rewards after installing these apps and redeem free gift cards or Paypal cash. For paid apps, you will need to purchase them through your iTunes account and then open to play for several minutes. You will finally get your money back in your TryMyApps account, usually you get app price*1.1+$0.2 money back. That is to say, you got these paid apps totally for free with additional rewards. Isn’t it worth trying?

What is the best way you’ve ever found to get paid apps for free? Share your experience to us in the comments!