TryMyApps Increases Reward for Each iOS Task to $0.3

TryMyApps increases reward for each task for the iOS app users, so people can make more money with the TryMyApps iOS app. In addition to the increased reward for each task, there are some new features about TryMyApps rewards. Now, read the following to learn details.

TryMyApps increased reward to $0.3/task to reward our high quality app users and attract more people to join us. After increasing the reward, there are many app users sending us feedback about it. Some people said our price is very good and it is a good chance to make easy money quickly. Some app users showed us video about how he used three phones and operate together to make easy and fast money. Just less than one minutes, he can finish three tasks and earn $1.

TryMyApps Increases Reward for Each iOS Task to $0.3 - 1

The rewards of your TryMyApps invitation has been increased to $1.5. Based on $0.3/task, you can get 50% of the earnings of all your referrals’ first 10 tasks. For example, you can get $1.5 (0.15*10)/ referral. To earn more money, you just need to invite other people and encourage them to complete tasks.

TryMyApps Increases Reward for Each iOS Task to $0.3 - 2

The minimum payout of TryMyApps is still $1, after that you can withdraw $3 anytime via your Paypal account. It is very good for you to get real money directly. According to TryMyApps payment records and app users’ feedback, TryMyApps arranges payment timely. After that, TryMyApps will send emails to all app users for checking the payments. If there are any question, please let us know and we will solve them immediately.

As for real new app users at the first withdraw, we will arrange payment everyday for them. As we all know, TryMyApps pays app users on every Thursday together in generally. This time, we do this adjustment in order to attract more new app users. What kind of real new app users have this good opportunity? What’s the criterion of real new app users? Here are two standards:

  • You have to use new device to complete tasks
  • You have to use new Paypal account to withdraw money at the first time instead of binding with others

Compared to many other make money apps, TryMyApps is able to guarantee what you want and help you earn more extras. Money is here waiting for you. Come on and join us, you will get more rewards.

TryMyApps is available in Google Play Store

TryMyApps was launched in Google Play Store recently, which means you can search TryMyApps in Google Play Store directly instead of web browsing. Also, up to now, the app can’t be downloaded via our homepage.

Why do we launch TryMyApps in Google Play Store?

The purpose is to help people earn more money fast rather than wasting much time in unimportant thing. At the same time, There are some advantages of running in Google Play store. On the one side, it saves much time and traffic in the filed of searching and downloading. You will go to the interface of making money quickly. On the another hand, it is a great symbol that TryMyApps is an safe and free app, people can use it to make money risk-free and worry-free.

New features of TryMyApps in Google Play Store?

1. It runs fast and safely. Download it and install it via using a few seconds. It is very easy to make money.

2. Earn unlimited points easily. There are more offers, which means you can get more points easily. What’s more, The reward is higher than before. You will have much confidence to complete more offers and get more points to redeem more money quickly.


So, Please follow our steps to TryMyApps new address and make more money online through your android smart phone .

Steps to reach TryMyApps

1.Open your Google Play Store, type TryMyApps, then, you will find TryMyApps icon directly.

2.Install it. It runs so fast and does not wast your precious time for making money.


3.Open it and invite your friends to install it with your referral code, you will get free 100 points.

TryMyApps is available in Google Play Store 3

4.Complete tasks and you will get more points. When you meet the minimum pay 1200 points=$2, you can require to redeem it to your Paypal account any time. We will arrange payment after your requirement within 24 hours.

TryMyApps is available in Google Play Store 3

5.At the same time, if you share us to forums, You tube, Facebook, we will have extra rewards. As for the detail of rewards, please pay more attention to our TryMyApps Facebook or our blog. We will put forward it soon.

TryMyApps Increased the Reward for Each Fyber Offer

After releasing its new version, TryMyApps increased the reward for each Fyber offer recently, ensuring the Android users can earn more. From now on, for Android tasks from Fyber platform, the reward points have been increased to 4 times than before. That means you just need to complete one task and get 4 times points, which is much reasonable and easy to get more money.

TryMyApps Increased the Reward for Each Fyber Offer

At the same time, we release more offers for your claiming. After the news about cash out $2 anytime to Paypal account released last week, the feedback from Android app users is very good. Therefore, Android app users can make full use of these good conditions to make more money online.

Our dashboard shows that so many people complete tasks from Fyber platform and withdraw $2, $10, $32, $ 62 per day easily. Since it reward for Fyber offers are increased, you can make more per day. However, the time of this activity for Fyber platform is limited, please hurry up. Once you missed this chance, you have to do more other tasks to earn same points. Which way is good for you? I personally recommend this Fyber platform activity.

Do you want to test this activity? Do you prefer to make money online easily and cash out $$$ everyday? Just follow the following steps.

1: Use your mobile browser to visit, download TryMyApps and install it.

2: Claim offers from Fyber platform or other platforms. As long as you can get points, just claim it and complete it.

3: If your points meet the cash out requirements, you can redeem it to your Paypal account, Amazon, Alipay and so on. There are so many different cash out applications for your reference.

We will release more platforms and tasks to offer you more chances to make money. If you want to know more information about how to use TryMyApps Android app, please pay more attention to other post: TryMyApps Android app is released.

New Version of TryMyApps Android App Is Launched

In order to provide experience for users and help them earn more money by trying apps, TryMyApps just launched a new version of its Android app. There are some changes in the new version, providing more offers and reward. Also, TryMyApps allows users to withdraw as soon as they have earned 1200 points. Now, read the following parts to learn new features of the new version of TryMyApps Android app.

More offers

New version of TryMyApps Android app provides more offers for you. On old version, there are just two tasks blocks. Now, there are five task blocks with more points. the data of our end shows that the income of all platforms is increased. That means app users now is able to find more offers easily accessible on new version and can earn more money easily as long as complete offers.
more offers from TryMyApps Android App

Withdraw $2 anytime

Another important feature of the new version of TryMyApps Android app is about the redeem standard. From now one, once users earn 1200 points they can redeem as $2.
TryMyApps Android App - withdraw $2

Triple earning

we’ve tripled the earnings on the new version TryMyApps Android App. If you do one task, we will reward you UP TO 3 times of the original points. The more points you get, the more money you can redeem. For instance, if you want to redeem $10, you just need 5900 points instead of 6000 points like before. Now, you can redeem more money with less points.

What do you need to do in order to take part in these tasks? The only thing is to use visit via your Android smartphone and download the new version of TryMyApps Android app. Once you download it can open it, you will be paid 100 points. In addition, you can earn more credit by sharing your referral code to your followers and friends. Read this post to learn more about how to use TryMyApps Android app to make money.

TryMyApps Android App is Released

Since the release of TryMyApps iOS version in June last year, the development has been continuous. At the beginning of this month, we released TryMyApps Android App, opening the door for Android users to make money with smart phones. We made some changes on Android version, providing more tasks and credits to reward users. It is totally different with iOS version. Welcome to TryMyApps Android version!

New features of TryMyApps Android app

  • Get reward right away after you first download and open TryMyApps.
  • TryMyApps Android Appprovides more offers for you.
  • We use points to reward users after they complete tasks. Points are used to redeem gift cards or Paypal cash.
  • TryMyApps Android Appprovides a wider variety of gift cards. Over 14 kinds of gift cards are supported.
  • You can withdraw money or redeem gift card everyday as long as you have enough points. We will handle withdrawal on weekdays.

How to use TryMyApps android app to make money?

1. Use your mobile browser to visit and download TryMyApps on your Android.
use TryMyApps android app to make money 1

2. Install TryMyApps and open it. You will receive 100 points right away when you first open TryMyApps.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 2

3. Enter an Invite Code to get another 100 points on SHARE page.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 3

4. Start earning points by selecting and downloading any of our free appson EARN page. Return to TryMyApps you will see a pop-up and get your reward points.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 4

5. Redeem your points for various gift cards, PayPal cash or Alipay cash.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 5

6. Share TryMyApps to your friends to get more points. You could share your Invite Code on social media websites, post on forums and try other ways to let your friends know it. The more friends you invite the more rewards you earn. You will get 100points from each friend you invited as your reward.

use TryMyApps android app to make money 6

If you want to earn more money with TryMyApps, you can read this 2 posts: Make Money with TryMyApps iOS App and TryMyApps Released Its Third Lucky round.

TryMyApps Released the Third Lucky Round!

TryMyApps Released Third Lucky RoundTryMyApps released its third lucky round to offer people the chance to make money by inviting friends to sign up as TryMyApps user with referral code. People can get huge bonus up to $100 in this event.

Event Duration: 19/April/2016 to 19/May/2016 (GMT+8 time zone)

Participate in this event to win bonus, you need to do:

  • Write posts or articles that introduces how you make money using TryMyApps;
  • Like and share our TryMyApps Facebook Page;
  • Comment our Event post with your referral code and your posts/articles links.
  • Your friends must sign up with your referral code and complete our app tasks.

NOTE: We will manually verify all your invites. If there is any invalid invitation or fraud invitation, you will be disqualified. During our Event timeframe, the more valid friends you invite, the more bonus you get.

  • 20-29 people——$10 bonus;
  • 30-39 people——$15 bonus;
  • 40-49 people——$20 bonus;
  • 50-59 people——$30 bonus;
  • 60-69 people——$36 bonus;
  • 70-79 people——$42 bonus;
  • 80-89 people——$56 bonus;
  • 90-99 people——$72 bonus;
  • over 100 people—–$100 bonus;

If you are doing extraordinary in this Event, besides $100, we will give you extra bonus.


  • We will announce the winners on 2016/5/23.
  • Participants please remember to leave us with your “Referral Code” and “Post/articles links”.
  • Users not lucky in the Second Round will have chances to win in the future Events.

How to Get Paid Apps for Free?

Thousands of apps are released on App Store and Google Play Store everyday, but some of those interesting and awesome apps are not for free, they need to be paid. Most people love paid apps because they are more excellent and ad-free, but they don’t want to spend too much money on them. Therefore, a lot of people are looking for the method to get paid apps for free.

In below, we have listed several efficient ways to get paid apps for free on your iOS or Android devices.

Get Paid Apps for Free from Apple Store

Apple Store usually introduce an app on its Featured page, where you can get a paid app for nothing. For example, you need to pay $4.99 to download this app named Day One 2 Diary + Journal + Notes in App Store. If you download it from Apple Store, you are asked to pay nothing for it.

get paid apps for free - 1

To access the Apple Store, use your iOS device to search and install Apple Store app.

get paid apps for free - 2

Open Apple Store and go to Featured page, you will find an app introduction when you slide your finger down on your screen.

get paid apps for free - 4

If you tap it, you will see the details of this app and find the offer expiration date at the bottom. Click the green “Download now for free” button to go to the next step.

get paid apps for free - 5

Click “Continue” and go to the App Store. You need to enter your iTunes account password.

get paid apps for free - 6

You have now got a free gift card in your iTunes account, which could be used to get this paid app for free. Click “Redeem” to start downloading this app automatically.

get paid apps for free - 7

Free app of the day website

AppGratis offers its users a new paid app for free everyday and ridiculous discounts of other apps. There is only one app a day, it is totally free to download. You can download its Android app from Google Play Store. If you are using iPhone or iPad devices, you can subscribe their website to receive the newsletter everyday from AppGratis.

Discounted apps

AppSales is another website which provides big discounts for wide range of android apps. You could also build a wishlist of apps that you want to buy. You will get notified when one of the apps in your list is on sale. AppSales also provides app price monitor, where you can see the history of all app price.

Download cracked Apps without Jailbreak

Many iPhone users use the jailbreaking system because they can download many paid apps for free. But it may make you lose more than you gain. As we all know, jailbreaking system is illegal in the world and will make your phone slow. Downloading cracked Apps is a way to get free apps without jailbreaking your iPhone. There are many sources for you to download cracked apps on the internet.

Get Paid Apps for Free from TryMyApps

The easiest and most beneficial way to get paid apps for free is to try apps from TryMyApps. TryMyApps provides new apps everyday, including paid and free apps. You will get rewards after installing these apps and redeem free gift cards or Paypal cash. For paid apps, you will need to purchase them through your iTunes account and then open to play for several minutes. You will finally get your money back in your TryMyApps account, usually you get app price*1.1+$0.2 money back. That is to say, you got these paid apps totally for free with additional rewards. Isn’t it worth trying?

What is the best way you’ve ever found to get paid apps for free? Share your experience to us in the comments!

Why TryMyApps Is the Best App to Make Money?

It is easy to make money with TryMyApps, so this app is awarded as the best app to make money with your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android devices. However, there are many money who know little about this app or have never tried it having no idea why it is the best. Therefore, in below, we explained why TryMyApps is the best app to make money in detail. Now, go on to learn the details.

TryMyApps has the highest paying

Usually, TryMyApps pays $0.2-$0.5 per task. You can also earn around $1 for each friend who used your referral code. Here is a screen shot of the total revenue of one of TryMyApps users on TryMyApps from October 2015.

TryMyApps is the best app to make money - high revenue

Easy to withdrew money

One of the reasons why TryMyApps is the best app to make money is its convenience to withdrew money. You can withdrew cash from TryMyApps to your Paypal account or Alipay account, also you can redeem free gift cards. We at present support $10, $15, $25 denominations of iTunes gift card. To withdrew from TryMyApps, you just need to click the “Revenue” button on the bottom and then click “Withdrew” button. We will send payment every Thursday.

Make money everyday

We are working with some aso(check here if you don’t know what is aso) companies and so TryMyApps has lots of new tasks everyday. You just need to open and refresh it whenever you have spare time, you will receive new tasks everyday and get rewards in your account everyday. Also you can pay attention to our Facebook page, you will receive the latest updates there.

Get more rewards via invitation

Another way to make money from TryMyApps is to share your referral code or invitation link to your friends. Once you invite your friends to TryMyApps, you will get 50% of their first 10 tasks’revenue as your rewards. You can find your referral code by tapping the “Invite”button on the bottom. There are 3 ways to share your referral code.

  • Long press your invitation link to copy and share it on social media websites, forums or message.
  • Tell your friends to use your referral code when register on TryMyApps.
  • Tap the button on the upper right to share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Sina, Wechat or Moments.

Easy to use

It only takes you minutes to install TryMyApps on your device. How to use the best app to make money online:

  • Use your Safari browser on your Apple device and go to
  • Click the yellow “Download App” button to download TryMyApps on your device.
  • Open TryMyApps and you will see our app list, click an app and accept the task.
  • Long press the keyword box to copy it, you will redirect to App Store.
  • Paste the keyword to App Store search bar, search and find the target app.
  • Install the target app and open it for several minutes, then you will get rewards.

Get paid apps for free

TryMyApps also provides paid apps to install and try, you will get money back after you complete the task. Then this paid app is totally free to you! For example, if you get a task, the app price is $1, you will need to spend $1 to download this app, but your reward will be $1*1.1+$0.4=$1.5.


Although earning money by doing these simple tasks isn’t going to make you rich, it can actually offset some of your daily costs, such as coffee, cigarette or some small costs. There is another app called BestReviewApp, where you could give app reviews and get rewards. BestReviewApp provides more generous rewards. So what are you waiting for? Download and try them now!

How to Make Money with Smartphone Easily?

Some people use their smartphones to kill time and some use them to make extra money for their next cup of coffee. Let’s think about how many times we spend everyday refreshing our Instagram and Facebook feeds but just see the same post. Actually you can use the same time to make money with smartphone. Here we have some interesting and profitable apps and sites that will pay you money while you are surfing the internet.

Get Paid by Playing Apps

make money with smartphone - use trymyappsTryMyApps is one of the most popular apps paying users. You can use it to make money with smartphone. Download TryMyApps for free and open it, you will see a full list of apps. You will get paid to your account by downloading those apps and open them for a few minutes. Payment is sent directly to your PayPal account. You could also redeem for iTunes gift cards. Generally you could earn $0.2 – $0.4 for each app download.

To learn the detailed steps, read this post: How to Make Money with TryMyApps.

Get Paid By Taking Surveys

Quick Thoughts is a super easy survey app that you can earn rewards to complete surveys. Download the app for free, create an account, then answer a few questions, they will give you surveys to take. You’ll be paid in points which could be redeemed for iTunes gift cards.

Get Paid by Receiving Text Messages is a fantastic way to make money with smartphone. You can earn $0.25 from each text message that you received from on your mobile device. Payments are sent directly to your PayPal account.

Get Paid by Taking Pictures

make money with smartphone - take picturesIcon Zoomer pays you to take pictures of some household items and normal things. You will earn points after uploading your pictures on Icon Zoomer. Points are used to exchange for PayPal payments or Amazon payments with a minimum of $10. Taking pictures is also one of the best ways to make money online.

Get Paid by Watching TV Shows

Viggle wants to know what TV shows you are watching and what music you are listening on your smartphone. You just need to log in and check your viggle button, you will start making money once you do this. You will get paid in points that can be redeemed for gift cards and music downloads.

Get Rebates When Shopping

Ibotta is an app that gives rebates for any participating stores. Before shopping, you will need to open Ibotta app and answer a question or share on Facebook . After you buy the products, Ibotta rewards you for using rebates. You can cash out with PayPal once you have $10 or more in your account.

Get Paid by Sliding Lock Screen

make money with smartphone by sliding lock screenSlidejoy: How many times do you slide your smartphone lock screen per day? Lock screen is a great place for advertisers to display their products to you. Slidejoy helps advertisers reach you and pay you money for displaying ads on your lock screen. By checking your phone every day, you are making money from your lock screen.

Get Paid by Completing Tasks

EasyShift can be downloaded for free, users have the opportunity to earn points by doing straightforward tasks like products prices checking, review writing, store displays, etc. The more tasks you completed excellently, the more tasks become available to you. You will get paid directly through PayPal account within 48 hours after you completing your tasks.


It’s more interesting to earn some beer money with your smartphone instead of watching videos and playing Facebook all day. These apps and sites are no risk ways to make money with your smartphones. Pick up your phone and install these apps to start making money. If you want to know more about make money with TryMyApps, feel free to contact us. We are always here to answer questions with patience.

How to Make Money Online?

Today, we are going to list some ways to make money online. When you type “how to make money online” in Google searching bar, thousands of information will pop up. You may doubt the credibility of these information. Indeed, there is a lot of false information. In this post, we have listed 4 of the best money making methods.

Make money online by opening online stores

make money online by opening online store

Along with the network popularization, the electronic commerce develops rapidly. The world is connected together as a whole, so the online selling market has been on the rise. Many people are aware that this is a very good chance, but they don’t know how to get started. There are still all kinds of ways to make money by selling online. Before get started, here are a few suggestions when selling things online:

  • Get a shop account: Shop account is a basic condition. It’s the standard in online business.
  • Take photos skillfully: Online selling has no real goods, so customers choose what they like through their eyes. According to that, it is particularly important take good photos for goods you sell. Pretty photos can help attract customers.
  • Be honest: Honesty will be your signature, and a good reputation will bring you a lot of new customers. Also, your past clients will come back to buy your things again if you make them feel reliable.

Make money online by filling out questionnaire

This is a more common way to make money. Many students prefer this way because they just need to spend a few minutes in filling in the questionnaire and they will get payment soon. There is something need to be noted is that they won’t pay too much once a time.

First, you need go to their website to apply for an account, get a promotion of ID and a link, copy the link to the promotion, appeal people to come and register or fill out some questionnaires and so on. The more questionnaires you fill in, the more you will be paid.

Make money online by selling pictures

Abroad pay attention to copyright more seriously, so their price is very high, even a picture worth thousands of dollars. Some sites directly calculate the payment through downloads. To make money by selling pictures, you need professional equipment and excellent photography skill.
Besides, you can also take interesting photos with creative idea and unique insights. There are many people who prefer interesting and special photo. If you are good at photograph, you can have a try. After all, high payment is always attractive.

Make money online by using apps

Make money online by using apps

Using apps to make money is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. For now, there are many apps with which users can earn money easily. It only occupies your leisure time. Generally speaking, make money with apps can’t make you a rich, but it is indeed a good part-time job. It is also very easy because what you need is a smartphone and you can do it wherever.

There are many apps offering opportunity for people to make money, among which TryMyApps is one of the best. TryMyApps is an app that owns tens of thousands of real users around the world. People will be paid by installing and trying the apps provided by TryMyApps. We also make a guide to teach people how to make money with TryMyApps, you can read it to learn the details.